An older gentleman recently came to see me in clinic, someone I’ve gotten to know well over the years. As we discussed his medications, he told me that because of the high cost, he had been rationing them, taking them every other day. When it comes to medical care, no one should have to choose between their health and the ability to pay their heating bill.
I believe that everyone should have access to affordable care.

I have experienced what healthcare looks like in developing nations without proper care, and I have experienced what it looks like here in our backyard. I have also been fortunate enough to study at some of the best medical programs in the country. I am not interested in parroting partisan talking points. I am interested in creating policy that can bring real solutions.


Just like the opportunity given to me as a child, I believe that all of our children, regardless of circumstances, deserve the opportunity for a quality education. Funding education in the Legislature is the greatest investment we can make in our future.

Consensus Building

I believe in respectfully working together and having difficult conversations in order to find solutions. My work in public health is built around working together on issues, regardless of our backgrounds.

Affordable Childcare

A patient recently walked into my clinic with her toddler for a physical. As we talked, she told me that due to the high costs of childcare, she was forced to quit her job. It is not an isolated event to hear from people that their full-time salary is not enough to cover childcare costs. These stories should not exist. I believe that Minnesotans can come together to make childcare more affordable.